From Rome to Tuscany: the unique story of a farmhouse in Val d'Orcia

The name of this page does not come about by chance; the history of this farmhouse is closely linked to that of the family from which it takes its name, Savelli.

Our family was born in Rome, where in the Middle Ages was so influential that it elected popes and fought with equally important families.

However, we have always handed down a story: one day our ancestors, now overwhelmed in the struggle for supremacy in the capital city, had to flee Rome by taking refuge here in Tuscany.

Since then, the history of this ancient farm between Pienza and Castiglione d'Orcia has been born.

Our forefathers built this farmhouse, devoting themselves to the cultivation of grain and the hospitality of pilgrims along the Via Francigena. With time, this farmhouse was born, which today decides to host those who want to experience an original and genuine corner of Val d'Orcia.

Our apartments

Finely restored in the Tuscan tradition

What sets us apart

why choose our farmhouse

Outdoor panoramic swimming pool

Enjoy the gentle landscape of the Val d'Orcia without leaving the water.

Comfortable rooms

Traditional Tuscan hospitality is at home here.

Optimal cleanliness

As our grandmothers were used to: everything is clean to the smallest detail.

Air conditioning

A solution on hot summer days.

Separate entrance

Each room provides you with the privacy you seek.

Local experts

We want to be your Ciceroni: if you want, we will give you all the information you need to discover the wonders of the Val d'Orcia.