A landing among the sea of hills

Val d'Orcia's sea of hills is dotted with small islands made up of cottages, farms and agritourisms. Here and there the cypress trees along the white roads look like sails, the hamlets and villages like ports in which to dock.

In order not to lose one's way in such a peculiar landscape, one needs a safe harbor from which to explore and in which to find the ultimate peace of mind.

The Apartments

Each space at I Savelli has been restored with the goal of keeping it as true to its original appearance as possible, so you can experience the true flavor of historic Val d'Orcia hospitality.

A farm just a stone's throw from Pienza

In the heart of the valley Unesco World Heritage Site

This is why I Savelli is the perfect place to experience the Val d'Orcia in a genuine and original place.

We are halfway between Pienza, Montalcino, San Quirico e Castiglione d'Orcia. Here is the best place from which to experience this corner of Tuscany.

Our apartments: a window on the Val d'Orcia

If they could speak, the stones of this farm in Val d'Orcia would tell the stories of the wayfarers who traveled the Via Francigena, those of the farmers who made this land fertile and beautiful by cultivating wheat and olive trees.

Silence is the sound of this place, a definitive silence that fills this corner of the world where earth and sky are part of the same picture that is pure colour.

Giulio Cesare Giacobbe

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